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by Backfire22
Sun 25. Aug 2019, 17:43
Forum: Pen Computers
Topic: Companion 1 repairs
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Re: Companion 1 repairs

Speaking of repairing Wacom computers, which one would be the most resilient physically? Because I'm planning to get one of these houses in Greece for the holidays, and this means I'll be moving a lot from my primary residence to there; be it by car or plane, it means that the computer will be shake...
by Backfire22
Wed 14. Aug 2019, 09:49
Forum: Stylus
Topic: Bamboo Ink stopped working
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Re: Bamboo Ink stopped working

Or could it be due to physical issues, like a short-circuit or something along those lines?
by Backfire22
Tue 30. Jul 2019, 18:49
Forum: Drivers
Topic: How to install wacom tablet to Linux
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Re: How to install wacom tablet to Linux

Come on, I'm far from being a computer expert and I understood what to do, I got what I needed from Github and now it works. Thanks to the Wacom team by the way, I was kinda stuck with this issue, and now I can use the tablet on my Linux computer that's more powerful than the old dinosaur I'm keepin...

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