Help! Intuos3 and Cintiq13HD drivers

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Help! Intuos3 and Cintiq13HD drivers

Postby kiesus » Wed 11. Mar 2020, 19:23

I have two Wacom tablets, Intuos 3 and Cintiq 13HD. I'm Windows 10 user with 2 monitors.

I am having issues getting them working together:
Downloading the front page driver (6.3.38-2) for Windows will only display my Cintiq board and not recognize Intuos. I tried an older version as well (6.3.32-4) but same problem occurs.
Downloading specific driver for Cintiq13hd will not recognize my Intuos tablet either.
Downloading specific driver for Intuos 3 DOES recognize both Cintiq and Intuos tablets, but screen mapping for Intuos does not work properly.

Intuos 3 driver (from 2015) is the only driver recognizing both of my tablets, but I am unable to work with Intuos because the Mapping doesn't function correctly: I want Intuos 3 to only draw on Monitor2, and Cintiq to only draw on Monitor1. Cintiq does exactly what I want it to! But Intuos does not, I force it to Monitor 2 only, but when I press the pen on the tablet, it still keeps acting like it's area is extending over both monitors.
I've tried using both "use only Monitor2" option as well as "use spesific proportions" and setting the proportions to only reach one screen area. It's not working, both cases Intuos still keeps extending over both screens and is making working on it frustrating since the proportions are off.

What do I do? :'(

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