No Pressure via Windows Remote Desktop

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No Pressure via Windows Remote Desktop

Postby DutchDimension » Tue 21. Apr 2020, 09:45

Hi there,

as so many of us, I've been trying to work from home due to the current difficult global situation.
My company has provided me with a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (1866), which runs Windows 10 Enterprise (v 10.0.17763 Build 17763) and has a Wacom PTH-651 connected to it via a USB-C hub. The Wacom drivers installed on it are v6.3.38-2.
I'm using Windows Remote Desktop to connect to my workstation back in the office. This machine runs the exact same version of Windows (v 10.0.17763 Build 17763) and the exact same version of Wacom drivers.
I can see that the Surface detects pressure sensitivity, but when I use the Wacom through Remote Desktop to control my workstation at the office, I get no Pressure sensitivity. Even worse, as soon as I use the Stylus, the cursor disappears (no problem when using the mouse).

When I use HP's RGS (Remote Graphics Software) I do see the cursor when handling the Stylus, but still no pressure.

Would really like some help here. I can imagine I'm not the only VFX-artist out there with this problem.

Many thanks.

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Re: No Pressure via Windows Remote Desktop

Postby wacom5 » Wed 22. Apr 2020, 07:08

Hi there,
My guess is that the issue lies with the software you are using you access the remote desktop.
This should be possible and although this isn't something we test often so our information on this subject is somewhat limited.
The main parameters for the USB connection are:
  • Full speed - this is typically an issue when the remote server is in a remote network
  • Bidirectional access to USB - typically these systems only receive data from the USB connection, but don't send.
  • No HID recognition - Most system see the Wacom tablet as a Human Interface Device (HID). Then the connectivity is (for performance reasons) cut down to simple mouse events. Then the Wacom driver cannot recognize the tablet.
The Wacom Driver on the server needs full-speed bi-directional access to the USB subsystem of the thin client.

If you need further help, please contact our support so they can gather more details of your setup and check with the driver team if there are any additional recommendations.
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