New "Tip Up Assist" Feature. What does it do?

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New "Tip Up Assist" Feature. What does it do?

Postby Dray2020 » Tue 30. Jun 2020, 00:30

So the most recent drivers has this new feature.

"A new Tip-Up Assist feature helps with pixel-accurate positioning of objects (vector lines, nodes and other control points) on high resolution screens (for Pro Pen 2, Pro Pen 3D and Pro Pen Slim users)."

Is there any more in depth explanation on what it does? Like does this do anything for drawing in photoshop etc? Will it add lag to drawing? I'm using a 4k monitor but I don't want to mess with the drawing accuracy and the description is very vague on what it does.

In the wacom tablet properties it says "enable for more accurate tip release positioning"

I just want to make sure that the drawing feel is consistent with previous drivers and there is no added lag with this new feature. Thanks.

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Re: New "Tip Up Assist" Feature. What does it do?

Postby wacom5 » Tue 30. Jun 2020, 08:58

This helps the cursor stay in position when you left the pen from the tablet / display surface. It's specially useful when using sliders and precise selections.
You can always turn it off.
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