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Serious problem with the side buttons Hover-click function on Mac

Posted: Sat 10. Apr 2021, 19:04
by Sesamme
I'm on Mac OS High Sierra, Wacom driver 6.3.41-2
Many apps rely on the right-click as a second brush. For example TVPaint and Storyboarder use the right click as an Eraser brush when drawing.
A while ago I noticed, that when I hover my pen and press the side switch, it is immediately recognized as a click — which is kind of understandable, because it's supposed to right-click while hovering, but the problem is that this results in erased lines without touching the tablet. But it used to happen at minimum pressure, so the erased lines were almost unnoticeable, and with some brush settings in TVPaint even non-existent. However after some recent updates the Hover-click is recognized as a 100% pressure, which results in huge thick erased lines every time I press the right-click side switch over the board! Interestingly, as soon as I touch the tablet with the pen while still holding the side-switch, the pressure sensitivity works as normal, and I can continue holding the side switch and to erase with variable pressure.
Also if I set the pen to Click & Tap, it doesn't help either, because then when holding the side-switch, the pen loses pressure sensitivity alltogether and always works in 100% pressure. So it's impossible to control.
This is absolutely unacceptable behavior! TVPaint developers say that it's probably because of the Wacom driver architecture and since it's happening also in other software, I think that this is a serious overlook in the way the Hover-click works - it for sure is not supposed to be recognized as a 100% pressure!
I think many frustrated artists would be really happy if this problem was fixed...

Re: Serious problem with the side buttons Hover-click function on Mac

Posted: Sun 11. Apr 2021, 09:12
by Sesamme
I can confirm that the problem is the latest Wacom Drivers.
Once I rolled back to an older driver (I rolled back to a really old one - 6.3.15-3) - everything became normal again.

Re: Serious problem with the side buttons Hover-click function on Mac

Posted: Mon 11. Apr 2022, 21:49
by Sesamme
So it's 2022 already, and this problem still remains...
My last working driver is 6.3.38-3

Re: Serious problem with the side buttons Hover-click function on Mac

Posted: Tue 12. Apr 2022, 09:00
by wacom5
Did you report this to the support team?

To be honest, I'm not sure I understand what your expected behavior it. Pen pressure is measured by the pen tip so if you are clicking while hovering the device will have no pressure data to read from and will default to full pressure.

Perhaps I misunderstand the issue so perhaps would be easier to make a video and send to the support team.

Re: Serious problem with the side buttons Hover-click function on Mac

Posted: Tue 12. Jul 2022, 11:42
by Sesamme
Apparently this is exactly how it works: to be able to recognize a hover-click as a click, Wacom need to register this click somehow. In previous versions this kind of click was recognized as a minimum pressure. After the upgrade the hover-click is recognized as a maximum pressure and it is a problem.

By the way I am working on Windows 10 now and it has exactly the same problem.

To record a video about this issue I need to record one with the working driver, then reinstall the 6.3.41 version, make another video, then roll back to 6.3.38. This is quite a lot of work, that Wacom are supposed to do when testing their drivers. These issues are not new. I was working in a big studio before and we could not upgrade our Wacom drivers for years because of this, and Wacom did nothing about it, as well as about a few other tickets I opened some years ago. So my trust in Wacom support is not very high...
However I will try reporting it again and making a video when I have time - just to have peace of mind.

Besides - driver version 6.3.41 is not working on multiple levels - there is a general problem with this update.
for example when High DPI scaling override is turned on for an app, the cursor position is not aligned with the pen anymore. However it works perfect with 6.3.38! I would post a screenshot but I cannot find any way to do it on this forum (that's another issue that is a bit frustrating - Wacom should really modernize their forum)

Sorry I am ranting, but it has been years with unresolved problems and it is getting on my and many other users nerves...

Re: Serious problem with the side buttons Hover-click function on Mac

Posted: Wed 13. Jul 2022, 09:16
by wacom5
First of all not need to apologize for venting. And are already looking into way to modernize the forum to make it more accessible and easy to use so stay tuned. We cannot allow pictures due to GDPR rules.

I just installed the lastes version of TVPaint demo for Mac (12.4) with the latest Wacom Driver and the right click didn't appear to be erasing like it's applying full pressure. It a very thin line comparing to what I see when I use the actual Eraser tool. Mind that I am only using the standard tools. Perhaps the behavior will be different with a custom brush but I wouldn't know how to replicate your workflow.

Also see that this right-click eraser is not acting like the actual eraser but I couldn't find more details on how this is supposed to work exactly.

To be honest to me it just seems like the driver is working as intended. The Right Click is just registered as a Mouse Right Click which typically has no pressure data associated since Mouse devices typically don't have pressure data.
I am not sure why the behavior is different with driver 6.3.38
For further testing, we would recommend you to install the latest driver. Same for the DPI issue you reported. Driver 6.3.41 is already 5 versions old.