How do I install drivers and settings?

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How do I install drivers and settings?

Postby WacomEducation » Thu 25. Feb 2021, 10:48

You got no idea how to set up your new Wacom device? NO WORRIES :)
Guido gives a step-by-step tutorial on installing the drivers and how to customize your Wacom tablet including pen settings, display settings, and redeeming free software.

What are your most common issues when setting up a new device?

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Re: How do I install drivers and settings?

Postby HellyDouglas » Thu 25. Feb 2021, 13:01

I found my devices really straightforward to set up. I've got a Wacom One and Intuos. The installation was quick - I spent more time having fun and playing around with the pen!

I looked at the free software options later once I was familiar with using my devices. It's a bit much to remember what all of the different software options offer. I just picked ones that looked great and spent some time exploring what they offered me.
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