How to prevent some children from dominating online lessons

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How to prevent some children from dominating online lessons

Postby HellyDouglas » Sat 24. Apr 2021, 15:19

In the classroom, some children dominate. They’ll call out and answer every question if you let them. The same can happen with online lessons and it’s harder to manage.

Here are a few simple ideas to try:
- Have a class list to tick of the children who have answered questions
- Ask targeted questions to specific students to engage them
- Have clear expectations about behaviour e.g. muted mic, hand up to answer, just like in the classroom
- Create an online charter for all the kids to sign (use a digital whiteboard space they can all access. You can write the charter with your Wacom pen and the students can type or hand sign their names)
- Send home an expectations outline to parents. If they know what is expected, they can help make sure their children comply

I started by saying online behaviour was harder to manage, but is it really? If you're teaching by video call, you can mute any students easily. And you have the ultimate sanction - you can remove them from the lesson with a click of a button. It should be used as sparingly as possible, but can be a powerful signal for children who are deliberately dominating the lesson.
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