How can I make online learning fun?

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How can I make online learning fun?

Postby HellyDouglas » Sat 24. Apr 2021, 15:21

Embrace the power of fun!
Every teacher must be an entertainer in the classroom, but no one want wants to be an ‘edutainer’ dumbing down lessons to make them more fun.

Online you’ll want to focus on learning but be creative in your method of delivery. That’s hard when you’re stuck talking to a screen.

Think of ways to bring your lessons to life including props, puppets, songs, and stories. There’s even a place for silly voices and a bit of slapstick to make your lessons engaging and less stilted.

Children will sit for hours playing video games because they’re so much fun. They make mistakes, learn new strategies, and persevere when it gets tough. Teaching can learn lots from video game design. Integrating game playing into your online lessons is perfect for motivating and engaging your students.
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