Teaching online: Live lessons vs recorded lessons

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Teaching online: Live lessons vs recorded lessons

Postby HellyDouglas » Sat 24. Apr 2021, 15:28

Of course there's no correct answer to thins. Every teacher will have their own preference of how they teach online.
Here's a few of the top arguments.

Live lessons:
    Chance to engage with your class
    Instantly how they’re learning with live feedback
    Use polls and quizzes to make lessons fun and for assessment
    Real interaction
    Lots of time wasted waiting for everyone to join
    Difficult for younger children if parents are trying to work as well
    Safeguarding risks

Recorded lessons
    Students can rewind and watch videos to work at their own pace
    Students can choose when to do the work
    Can be reused across classes and over time
    Able to edit and re-record as needed
    Can combine with independent tasks without teacher having to sit and wait
    Feels more distant
    Feedback becomes harder
    No interaction

Which method do you prefer for online teaching?
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