How can you help students revise?

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How can you help students revise?

Postby HellyDouglas » Thu 29. Apr 2021, 10:08

Teaching students how to revise has always been a huge challenge, especially if they go on 'study leave' to work independently from home.
I think the skills we've learnt during this pandemic can shake up how we help our students to revise.

Here's a few ideas:
- Revision groups can be run virtually using video calls and a shared area like Teams or a digital whiteboard space. This reduces the need for students to be on site.
- Recording video revision resources. Students can struggle to cope with lots of notes to read through. Short video lessons they can keep looking back at give them another way to revise.
- Share online resources for them to use - add them to a shared platform space so students can find the best website for their needs
- Sketchnoting - create sketch notes of topics/ themes using your Wacom digital pen and share them with your students. You could record it as a video too so they can see your thought process (perfect for dual coding)
- Record videos modelling how to answer exam questions. A chance for you to go over how they should approach different types of questions.
- Online Q+A sessions. Arrange a video call session where students can pop in and out to ask questions as they need.
- Online quizzing to help students find gaps and misconceptions. Self-grading quizzes like Microsoft Forms let them see immediately where they're going wrong.
- Digital graphic organisers. Use a digital whiteboard to create a graphic organiser (handwriting with your digital pen for speed and ease) and invite the students to join in. You can track each contribution to see who is involved.

I think digital tools have the power to transform revision for our students. What other ways can you see it changing?
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