Thoughts on Wacom alternatives?

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Thoughts on Wacom alternatives?

Postby m3k1emane » Sat 19. Mar 2022, 13:59

I know this is basically a Wacom forum but as the title said, what was your experience with non-Wacom alternatives before planning to upgrade?

Rather than buying used Wacom from their preference, I've heard some good things about Wacom alternatives such as Huion, XP-Pen and Gaomon for pen improvements and better display panels like laminated display and higher color gamut at a cheap price. However, the problem with Wacom alternative is that not all drawing tablets can last long, driver software and their customer service based on their user experience depend if it's good or not, and sponsored drawing tablet reviews in general are obviously biased. At least Apple and Microsoft are experimenting their own pen tech. I've used Deco Pro from XP-Pen until I sold it for Intuos 4 L.

If you shared any experience with these alternatives, let me know.

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Re: Thoughts on Wacom alternatives?

Postby pomdri » Sat 14. May 2022, 03:04

I've used Wacom and Huion products.

Huion (as XP-Pen) still have a bit of the wobbly line issue. This may be a problem to you if need a lot of precision and you don't like to zoom in.

If you don't care about the precision while zoomed out I don't see why you would bother with Wacom at this point.
1. The pro models have noisy fans and are 3 times the price. Even if Huions are less durable you could upgrade them every two years for the same cost.
2. The non-pro models have huge parallax.

The ultra low parallax in recent Huion displays (way less than even pro Cintiqs) make them a joy to use. It's so low that I can disable the cursor because for the first time I feel I can just trust the physical location of the pen tip, Wacom is not at that level which is sad. For you that may be more important than the better drawing surface and pen on the Wacoms. Not to mention no huge bezels, way cheaper, etc.

Check the parallax here of Huion, and this one is 2-years old:

But Wacom has the slim pen, underrated advantage, love the slim pen.

There is no point to considering XP-Pen in my opinion, Huions are better in every way and about the same price.

I'm personally stuck with Wacom, I need that precision, but I've come to despise the Wacom brand (their arrogance with refusing to remove the fans from their newer products) and I can't wait until Huion catches up and then good riddance. I don't even care about the price. I'll pay any premium for quality, it's just that they don't make quality products anymore. They could have avoided the need for fans with good airflow like Huion has done (saw lots of nice large vents on the back in one of their models) or by adding metal to the back to conduct heat (saw this in a XP-Pen). Even if they needed fans, which they don't, they could have used nice Noctua-like silent fans, but they use crappy ones. In conclusion, a total mess of a brand that is completely out of touch, I don't blame anybody working in Wacom Europe, probably headquarters is the issue.

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