2 requests

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2 requests

Postby kangum » Wed 21. Aug 2019, 20:48

Can wacom please sell the wacom remote dongle separately in the wacom store. Right now if you lose the usb which is really easy to do the wacom remote becomes useless because there is no way to replace it. The second is if you ever release a Wacom remote 2 can you please make it blue tooth instead so having a dongle is not an issue. If Bluetooth is fast enough for a mouse than the remote should be no problem.

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Re: 2 requests

Postby wacom5 » Fri 23. Aug 2019, 11:24


We appreciate your feedback. Unfortuantely, the USB dongle for the ExpressKey Remote (EKR) is not available separately so it's not possible to have available for sale separately. It is always included with the EKR kit.

As for Bluetooth, I think this could be feasible but the developers need to consider potential risks like interference with other devices and compatibility.

I any case, I have forwarded both your requests to the respective teams.
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