wacom pro engine

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wacom pro engine

Postby kangum » Tue 27. Aug 2019, 21:16

s there any chance we will see refurbished wacom pro engines. Right now the best deal on them is the package that has the engine with cintiq and pro stand. It would be cool if we saw some serious price drops or refurbished units from wacom to make them a little more affordable for those of us who already own the wacom since the package deal doesnt apply to us.

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Re: wacom pro engine

Postby Mattpet » Wed 6. Oct 2021, 03:40

2 years later, still nothing..
The pro engine can't be found, can't be repaired except ocerpricely in Wacom centers, can't be upgraded.

Cintiq pro 24 and 32 are still sold with this "socket" to put a pro engine that is a ghost computer..

And Wacom doesn't answer on any subject

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