Why the new Cintiq 22" still 1080?

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Why the new Cintiq 22" still 1080?

Postby cocouacocoua » Fri 12. Jun 2020, 08:10

I can't understand why Wacom missed the opportunity to stand against competition adding 2560x1440 (man give me 16:10 to be super happy…) to the new Cintiq 22", at 100 pixel size is so huge…
I have an old 22" and a 13HD since 5 years ago and still prefer the 13HD besides the overall size as images (not colors..) looks much sharper, in the 22 looks like painting in sand, it was odd 6 years ago, and it's even worst in the retina era. OK if you want super sharpenss go for the Pro 4K, but there is something in between for those who doesn't have equipment fo r 4K displays or budget.

A bit of a "fail" feeling

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