Unable to register refurbished product

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Unable to register refurbished product

Postby KLost45 » Thu 6. Aug 2020, 13:44

Hello, i've bought a refurbished Wacom Intuos S from the Wacom store. I followed the guide for the installation and everything went fine. I noticed that from the video on how to register the device i miss the registration step and from the site it say that no device is registered. I also tried to register using the serial number but the system said that with this device i can only register it using the Wacom Desktop Center. I searched all over the web but couldn't find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Unable to register refurbished product

Postby wacom6 » Mon 10. Aug 2020, 08:12

Hi, best would be to get in contact with Wacom support at https://support.wacom.com/ in your region directly. They can help you registering your device.

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