Feature Suggestion: Community Voted Profiles for Button Layouts

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Feature Suggestion: Community Voted Profiles for Button Layouts

Postby DreamShark » Sat 30. Apr 2022, 18:58

I'd like to suggest this feature for more easily finding mappings for programs that the community agrees with.
For comparison, think of it like Steam's controller profiles that the community creates and "votes on" by using them.

  1. Easy and Quick setup for
    • new users
    • users trying a new application
    • users who are unsure and want to play with different setups
    • Recovery from changing hardware for whatever reason (whether that's saving a personal profile to the cloud or offline storage)
  2. There are multiple products that could use this:
    • EK Remote for screened tablets
    • Express/radial menus (whether called on via stylus/pen or tablet button)
    • Buttons on a stylus or tablet
  3. Promotes more engagement from the community

Potential Issues:
  1. Harmful and malicious keyboard macros
    • This could be tough. Maybe restrict being able to do fancier macros to the profile. Like anything that would use the Windows/⌘ key for example or have a very small character limit.
    • Present everything in an easily readable fashion so users can judge it for themselves
    • Have a "Report" button for a button profile, and link it to a user account for restricting user submission access.
    • New Users are restricted from uploading a community profile for a certain amount of time.
  2. Custom mapping INSIDE the application(s) could counteract the mapping of the button profile
    • Have a "Name" field for the button press so users know what the button press is supposed to do (same thing the Radial Menu has, but would be used for physical buttons)
    • Could have a flag on the profile indicating that more work is needed in the app.
    • Potentially read an application's buttons abstractly. (example: a profile button mapped to "brush" doesn't need to worry about what the keyboard shortcut is and can react to whatever it's set to) - I understand this would need more work per application

Let me know what you think!

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Re: Feature Suggestion: Community Voted Profiles for Button Layouts

Postby rocky77 » Thu 12. May 2022, 13:51

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Re: Feature Suggestion: Community Voted Profiles for Button Layouts

Postby wacom4 » Mon 18. Jul 2022, 13:34

Thanks a lot for the proposal.
The feedback from customers is always important to us, even if we cannot make things happen as quick as we would like to.
This thread with your proposal is now under review from the product management team.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I can't tell the outcome of this review, meaning if the proposal will get into a driver and when it might be launched if accepted. Thanks for your understanding.

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