MSP Touch disfunction: UNDO

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MSP Touch disfunction: UNDO

Postby introjoe » Wed 10. Mar 2021, 14:17

Hi There!

Mobilestudio User here. I finally got my MSP to run with displayport on my windows pc as a cintique! Wow! This took me three years of studies XD

Now i'm experiencing a - suprisingly annoying - problem with Clip Studio Paint EX: Somehow the touch gestures began to cause the "undo" function.
Whenever i draw a line and touch the display, the line will disappear (as long as i touch the display with my finger ... it wont disappear if i "hover" my hand over the display) ... it will be made "undone" - i can redo the line with "redo" tool ... but it happenes every time again and again...

any ideas or experiences with this?

thanks in advance!

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Re: MSP Touch disfunction: UNDO

Postby wacom5 » Fri 12. Mar 2021, 14:00

Seems like you triggering the undo function on Clip Studio Paint EX. Please see the complete list of gestures you can use here:

You can either disable it here, or disable Touch altogether from the Wacom Tablet Properties.
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