No display MSP 13 dht-1320

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No display MSP 13 dht-1320

Postby iceruam » Sat 2. Apr 2022, 00:29

I have not used my tablet for a while. I powered it, I updated the wacom drivers Then windows wanted to update. I let it do the updates, I had left while it was updating. When I returned I had a black screen, I assumed it was sleeping or the display shut down. I turned on the power, I heard the fan but the display never displayed, just a black screen. I connected it to an external monitor. The computer is woking I was able to log into windows. The display will not turn on-on the tablet itself. When I go into the display settings in the wacom desktop center it displays and error "compatible display device not found" When I go into the windows device manager it shows it is using the generic pnp monitor for the display. What display driver should the display be using. Thanks.

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Re: No display MSP 13 dht-1320

Postby wacom5 » Mon 4. Apr 2022, 08:33

Generic PnP device is how it is supposed to be listed. You can try to manually remove the driver and let Windows reinstall (this is a Windows driver so it should work with automatic updates).
There is a chance that is hardware malfunction and the device will need to be repaired. If what I mentioned above doesn't work, please check with the support team.
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