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Cintiq Pro 16 Tablet mode

Posted: Wed 29. Jan 2020, 12:52
by yenyen
I recently purchased a cintiq pro 16 and it works perfectly as a display tablet.
However whenever I want to switch to tablet mode, I click the touch button on top and after that my tablet disconnects and Wacom Center says 'No device connected'.
Why is that and how can I make it work? Does tablet mode work only with specific cable setup? I use typeC.


Re: Cintiq Pro 16 Tablet mode

Posted: Thu 30. Jan 2020, 10:23
by wacom5
Hi, welcome to the forum.
Can you tell us the operating system and the Wacom Driver version you are using? Can't help you otherwise.

Re: Cintiq Pro 16 Tablet mode

Posted: Thu 30. Jan 2020, 12:38
by yenyen
Yes of course,

I'm using Windows 10 and the driver version is 6.3.38-2.

Re: Cintiq Pro 16 Tablet mode

Posted: Mon 3. Feb 2020, 09:38
by wacom5
You stated you are using direct USB-C to USB-C connection so I assume you are using the supplied cables. This should be fine and not interfered with "Tablet Mode" by any means. See more information about Tablet Mode here:
Also check the manual for more details and how to setup the Cintiq Pro in Tablet Mode:

When the device is working in standard mode (pen display) please open the Wacom Desktop Center, Click on "Support" and then "Diagnostic Data" and then press the "Tablet Mode" Touch Key. Under "Device Info" the "Right Buttons" should show the number "5". If this is not the case, then there is a hardware issue and you will need to contact our support.

Otherwise, please got back to the Wacom Desktop Center, click on Backup Settings and Reset your Settings. Once this is done, test Tablet Mode again.

If the problem persists, please contact our support.

Re: Cintiq Pro 16 Tablet mode

Posted: Fri 22. Apr 2022, 02:23
by StarShetter96
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