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When MS Edge is updated to version 94 and then opened and interacted with a Pen display the computer will crash and give the “Blue screen of death.”
This is NOT a Wacom driver issue, it has been reported from other devices using Windows Ink as well.
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Cintiq Pro 24 Pen Pressure issue

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Cintiq Pro 24 Pen Pressure issue

Postby PatrickvanR » Thu 6. May 2021, 20:18

Having some issues with pen pressure on my Cintiq Pro.

In Photoshop, sometimes the pen pressure bugs out and doesn't do anything (very randomly)

In Zbrush, sometimes there is barely any pen pressure unless I hit the hotkey for repeating the stroke, then it goes full pen pressure, has anyone seen this before?

Video of the issue : https://www.dropbox.com/s/bqg1keigfeoon ... 8.mp4?dl=0

Running Windows 10 with the latest Cintiq driver, already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers to no effect.

I'm not 100% sure, since it's been happening for a while, but could this be because of the latest version of Windows 10?
Or can it be my Pen having issues?

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