Recommandations for a screen protector ? (Cintiq 13HD)

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Recommandations for a screen protector ? (Cintiq 13HD)

Postby SlaavMT » Thu 3. Jun 2021, 16:47

Hello everyone,

I've had a Cintiq 13HD since late 2014 (bought directly from Wacom), and I've never had any problem with the device itself. That being said, after years of frequent use its screen protector has degraded a bit (scratches, etc), and I think it's time to change it.

The problem is, I would be okay with buying a new one of the same model, but I don't think Wacom sells them as I can't find them on the store. The protector was supplied with my Cintiq and already installed, so I suppose it's Wacom-made, but I don't know.

Does anyone know what "model" of screen protector I have, and if one can purchase this type of screen protector somewhere else ?
If that's not possible, I know that third-party protector screens exist. Has anyone tried one of those and can give recommandations ?

Thanks !

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