I can't recalibrate my pen on my Cintiq 22

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I can't recalibrate my pen on my Cintiq 22

Postby riiko52 » Mon 28. Feb 2022, 16:56

When I go to 'Wacom Desktop Center' it recognizes my Cintiq 22 under "My Devices" but when I go to 'Pen Calibration' my Cintiq 22 doesn't show up in the 'Monitor' tab and won't let me click and select it wither. Without a monitor chosen it will not let me hit the calibrate button to start the recalibration process. So how do I get my Cintiq 22 to be able to be selected in the 'Monitor:' tab?

I'm working on the new 2022 Mac with the Mac 12 OS. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Wacom Tablet Utility driver. Restarted. Shut down and started up. Disconnected and reconnected my cintiq. I have screenshots of the problem if there's a way to upload them. Thanks for the help!

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