Cintiq Pen Weird Behaviour

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Cintiq Pen Weird Behaviour

Postby RobArt » Tue 15. Mar 2022, 10:42


Ever since the last two updates I have been having this random issue with the pen. It's hard to reproduce off the cuff, and it only happens out of the blue.
I will try and explain what happens hoping someone else has this issue and can help.
So, I have a Cintiq 27QHD plugged into my iMac 27" and am running the latest Photoshop.
I will be using a combo of the remote and the keyboard depending if my hand was on the keyboard doing something the remote can't. So, I would be painting a way, and wether I go from remote to keyboard or keyboard to remote and use the move tool or the hand tool, the icon locks and the tool locks. This then basically makes all the finder functions disengage and right click options. For example, none of the menu options are available when this happens. And if I click on an icon in the finder, it shows the app in the finder, and NOT open it as it should. This is only a problem with the pen. The mouse continues to work OK after the behaviour is initiated on the pen.
Starting the app doesn't do anything and seems to be a system wide issue, and restarting the Cintiq doesn't resolve the issue either.
It's pretty annoying!
Any help?

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Re: Cintiq Pen Weird Behaviour

Postby wacom5 » Wed 16. Mar 2022, 08:08

Hi Rob,
Is it always the same Key that seems to trigger the issue?
Can you please check the Diagnostics to see if there's any button getting stuck?
  • Wacom Desktop Center > Support > Diagnose data
If there are no keys stuck, then there is probably an issue with the press down and press up events that are not registering. In other words, the system detects when you press down, but it doesn't detect when you press up and think it's still being pressed. This will of course affect the whole system.
Does restarting the driver help? What are you doing to fix it until it happens again?
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