Drawing sticks

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Drawing sticks

Postby mgoldenbe » Sun 24. Apr 2022, 16:41

After drawing for several seconds without taking the pen off my Wacom One 13, it continues drawing even after I take the pen off. So, if I want to draw a large circle, I have to shortly touch the screen once again at the end to stop drawing. I could not find an option to disable this sticking mode anywhere in the settings. The behavior is not application-specific (tried both in PowerPoint and in Paint). The behavior persisted after installing the latest drivers and replacing the nib. How do I change this, so drawing should stop as soon as I take the pen off the screen?

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Re: Drawing sticks

Postby kschmitte » Thu 28. Apr 2022, 06:35

Did you check on https://support.wacom.com?
Like https://support.wacom.com/hc/en-us/arti ... t-working- - this article should help to determine if there is an issue with the pen (what I suspect).
If this is the case, use the Support button on the article to get further help,

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