On Screen (Express View) Font Sizes.

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On Screen (Express View) Font Sizes.

Postby Richy651 » Tue 8. Jan 2019, 17:49

does anyone know how to change the font / text size of the Express Keys when they are displayed on screen using the Express View?

They have changed at some point, but I cannot recall when or which driver version as I had some previous support issues and Wacom had me chopping and changing drivers to sort it out.

What I am trying to do is to change the orange coloured Express Key text size that appears on the monitor when you lightly press the express key buttons - This is the display that appears before making an actual Express key button press. When I press the touch ring button, it brings up the touch ring display showing the Auto Scroll / Zoom, Cycle Layers etc. Now these are all displayed in what I would describe as about a 15 point font. Nice and neat, they blend in and look like normal text on my monitor.

However, when I use the remaining 8 Express buttons, the orange coloured menu that is displayed (showing Touch On/Off, Settings, Precision Mode, etc. are all in a huge font on my monitor.

These 8 buttons are so large that they scale the entire vertical span of my monitor, If I was to make a guess I would say these were something like 100 times larger font than the touch ring font.

They never used to be like this, all of the fonts were the same, neat and compact on the screen. I have looked through page after page in the Wacom Desktop menus, and searched page after page on Google, but can find nothing that relates to this setting.

If anyone is able to help I would be extremely grateful.


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Re: On Screen (Express View) Font Sizes.

Postby wacom5 » Wed 9. Jan 2019, 08:10

Hello. Unfortunately this is not possible to change. I will submit this as a feedback to the driver developers. Could be a nice feature to add in future.
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Re: On Screen (Express View) Font Sizes.

Postby Richy651 » Thu 10. Jan 2019, 04:13

Thanks, I certainly couldn't find any way to do it.
Something has certainly changed over time though, maybe it is something in Windows 10 or possibly the Nvidia 1060, because this button display was never as large of a format as this when I first used the tablet. It maybe took up about 25% of the side of the screen and was the same resolution as the circular centre button.

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Re: On Screen (Express View) Font Sizes.

Postby Renxus78 » Sat 23. Oct 2021, 16:45

I confirm! As I explained in another post, both the Express View on-screen menu and the dark page that opens with the express key settings button no longer scale to system dpi from driver version 6.3.44. In my case I have a 27 "inch monitor with 3840x2160 resolution and the operating system (both Windows 10 and Windows 11) scaled to 150% and the writings of these two menus on the screen are too small and practically unreadable. This is a big impediment to see the settings at a glance It must be solved absolutely!

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