I need a new Intuos4 mouse!

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I need a new Intuos4 mouse!

Postby titanium007 » Fri 27. Aug 2021, 21:17

ok, i'm freaking out. Where do I find a replacement for my Intuos4 Mouse (KC-100-00)? It seems it was discontinued and I can't find it anywhere. I looked on all Amazons, BHPhotovideo, even on Ebay where I used to get about 5 replacements so far the past 10 years or so...this would really suck as I use the pen only for Photoshop but for everything else, i'm always using this mouse.
Is there a mouse for the latest Wacom Pro tablet?



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Re: I need a new Intuos4 mouse!

Postby Choreo » Mon 14. Mar 2022, 20:42

Long awaited reply, but I am in the same boat!

I have several tablets, including their latest versions and for whatever reason Wacom insists on dropping both their Mouse and driver support for it moving forward. I am searching for an alternative to Wacom tablets for daily navigation purposes on my 3-monitor set-up.

I am still using an Intuos 4 with mouse for 90% of my work, but their support for that tablet/mouse apparently vanishes when I am forced to upgrade from Big Sur to Monterrey any day now. Looks like I will be parting ways with Wacom after over 20 years. It is a real shame as clients that come by my studio are always amazing at how fast and accurate I can span 3 monitors with the Wacom mouse in pen-mode. Navigating 3 monitors with a stylus is highly inefficient - I see instructors struggling with it on training videos all the time where that is all they have to work with - they have to take 2 or 3 stabs at selecting everything!

Wacom had the best solution out there with the pen and mouse support together with pen-mapping-mode. I would pay twice the price to get it back (maybe more!).

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