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Postby stefano » Sat 28. Aug 2021, 15:25

Good evening,
I have a Wacom Intuos Pro M and would love to connect it via Bluetooth. I bought a USB V. 5.0 Bluetooth Dongle.
For the installation there are no problems, the problem is that using the pen in Photoshop has a strong delay (lag) in the movements for which it is impossible for me to use it correctly. If anyone has already had this problem I would kindly like to know if and how they solved it. Thanks 1000.

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Re: Bluetooth

Postby wacom5 » Mon 30. Aug 2021, 07:28


Is the lag happening only with Bluetooth or also with wired connection?
Have a look here:
If the lag also happens when connected via USB, have a look here:
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Re: Bluetooth

Postby stefano » Mon 30. Aug 2021, 09:12

Good morning,
thank you very much for the answer Wacom 5, the problem occurs only with the Bluetooth connection, in wiring it is very good.
In a few days I will replace the graphics card, then I will try to stick to you have advice from him. Although I already use a Bluetooth V. 5.0 dongle. The distance between the tablet and the Dongle does not exceed 60cm at sight.
Thanks again I'll let you know when I try.
Stefano Ruzza

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Re: Bluetooth

Postby harumscarum » Thu 23. Sep 2021, 10:14

Please check CPU load when Wacom tablet is connected via Bluetooth

- Open Task Manager and find Tablet Service for the professional driver
- Move pen over the surface
- If CPU load more that 0.2% aтв Power Usage is High - this is the issue

This is video demonstration of the issue I'm having which do not allow me to work in some heavy applications being Bluetooth connected ... sp=sharing

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