Cross/plus in corner of screen

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Cross/plus in corner of screen

Postby SeptimusB » Sat 9. Oct 2021, 12:26

Hi - I have searched but....
I have my Intuos pro to the right of my mouse and my elbow touches the Intuos when I use the mouse.
Every time I do so, I get three boxes with a "X" and "+" in them in the top corners of screen
I though it might be indicator of which screen or mapping but those are disabled. They appear dispite me disabling all buttons - if I touch a (disabled) button, they appear unless another input is used (keyboard, mouse etc.).
Any ideas?
Thanks, Jon.

Screenshot below

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Re: Cross/plus in corner of screen

Postby wacom5 » Mon 11. Oct 2021, 07:23

Whatever those overlays are, they are not related with any Wacom software. You need to find out which software is responsible for this and disable any associated shortcuts. Bear in mind that you disabled the ExpressKeys on the Intuos but if you only did this for a certain app, or if the responsible app has specific settings in the Wacom Driver, this won't work.
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