Sensitivity issue

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Sensitivity issue

Postby fexuio » Tue 26. Oct 2021, 14:36


I have just bought a 'One by Wacom' Pen tablet and not liking it much at all. I am sure its just a setting I have missed in setting up, but i dont like the way the cursor is moving on my laptop before i even touch the pen on the pad itself. - hard to explain , but if i hover the pen a few centimetres above the pad surface the cursor moves - I want to be able to actually only have it move when the pen's nib has made contact with the surface of the pad surface and not before192.168.l.l routerlogin

Any ideas what to change please?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Sensitivity issue

Postby wacom4 » Thu 28. Oct 2021, 12:24

Just to be clear: The behavior you see is the intended behavior.

You position the pen where you need it. Touching the tablet surface with the pen tip will then execute a click - and, depending on the app you are using, will recognize the pressure. will give you an impression on how the pen works.

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Re: Sensitivity issue

Postby BillyWilly » Wed 3. Nov 2021, 03:20

Now, I would just grab a decent drawing tablet with a screen instead of the wacom one... It just feels right having a built in screen. I had the Wacom one and I HATED it. The Wacom with a screen was much better. I used to use the Kamvas, but the Wacom can't be beat,

Also, that same site has wireless drawing tablets] and the Wacom intuos is listed first. Perhaps the intuos could be a better fit than the budget wacom one pick. Perhaps someone can back that up because I havent used the intuos myself, but hear good things about it from a lot of those "instagram" influencers.

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