Pan/Scroll now behaves differently

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Pan/Scroll now behaves differently

Postby stooovie » Wed 27. Oct 2021, 20:05

Hi, has there been some kind of change in how Pan/Scroll behaves? It used to be 1:1 movement of pen:scrolling speed, almost like using an Apple Trackpad. Now, it FLIES quickly all over the place, and changing Scrolling speed in Wacom prefs doesn't change that. Pan/Scroll and Pan/Scroll (legacy) both do this.

It's the sole reason I chose Wacom over Huion (it couldn't do the 1:1 pan/scroll back then) - I use it as a pointing device, not an art tool. Pan/Scroll is 100% crucial for me.

Big Sur 10.6, Wacom PTH-451, driver 6.3.44-2 (latest). Any clues? Thanks!

EDIT: the same pen/tablet works as expected when booted to Windows. It is not a hardware issue.

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Re: Pan/Scroll now behaves differently

Postby wacom5 » Mon 8. Nov 2021, 10:48

When did you notice the change? Can you give more details about your setup?
When I test this with the Intuos Pro Small and a 13" Mac Book Pro, the scrolling is quite smooth and accompanies the speed of my strokes accordingly. If I move slowly, it will scroll slowly so I am not able to replicate your issue.
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