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How to solve dead driver on Bamboo MTE 450 A

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How to solve dead driver on Bamboo MTE 450 A

Postby Nocturnaline » Wed 22. Dec 2021, 17:00

Hello everyone,

Hope this can help someone one day.

I have just spent two days fixing a driver problem with my old (12 years) but still working perfectly Bamboo tablet.
The driver suddenly stopped working. When I booted the computer, I had a message saying the driver could not launch.

I tried to reboot a few times : same problem. I could still use the pen but not well and not at all the pressure functions nor the buttons on the pen.
I saved my preferences and started to fiddle around with the tablet.
I tried to reinstall the tablet with the CD I still had but no way. I got an error message. Maybe the installer program tried to go on the internet to download something and had a 404. I searched the internet for a solution, watching videos, downloading several drivers... Nothing worked.

I was very sad about my tablet which served me faithfully for so long. And I was sure it was only a software issue.

Then I contacted the Wacom support which answered incredibly fast and kindly gave me a few actions to do (uninstall the old driver...) and a link to a driver PenTablet_5.2.5-5a.exe. It did not work. The problem was still the same. The driver was not recognized.
I tried to restore my preferences and I got an error telling me the driver version was not the proper one and indicating the version of the original driver : 5.3.3-2. Eureka !! I have dowloaded the 5.3.3-2 here : https://drivers.plus/fr/wacom-bamboo-ca ... 3-2/94356/
I installed it and yay !!! It works perfectly !

Et voilà ! Hope this helps.

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Re: How to solve dead driver on Bamboo MTE 450 A

Postby yibas12 » Sat 14. May 2022, 04:52

Great. Any more update in this regards?
Thanks in advance.
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