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Windows 11 - Modifier Key stuck

Posted: Sun 23. Jan 2022, 22:13
by Artbug
It seems that i have the same problem on all last drivers on windows 11 with Intuos pro L.

I struggled with this for a year and tried EVERYTHING from all posts on a problem i found dating 7 years back (sic!) then decided to napalm strike my system with fresh install of windows and upgrade to 11.
Aaaand. it's still there. Randomly my "alt" key will be stuck as if it's pressed down.
If i press it on a keyboard it will get "unstuck" but then some other functions will stop working or my express keys with "alt" will not work.
I need to "fix" drivers from wacom center or restart my PC to solve this problem, only if temporary.

I work in photoshop 8 to 10 hours a day and this "thing" happens 4-6 times per day if not more! I always upgrade photoshop, windows and wacom drivers to the latest version and i even did a full system wipe and reinstall from scratch without saving any preferences.

Let's just say that i'm "a little" dissapointed at this point...

Re: Windows 11 - Modifier Key stuck

Posted: Mon 24. Jan 2022, 07:57
by wacom5
The previous thread was referring to a very specific Mac OS bug. Since you are using Windows, I have created a new topic based on your description.
Have you ruled out a possible hardware issue with you Keyboard or with the Intuos Pro Keys?
You can check in the Wacom Desktop Center > Support > Diagnostic data to see if any key is stuck.
In the meantime, please contact our support team. They will be able to help you run some further tests.

Re: Windows 11 - Modifier Key stuck

Posted: Mon 24. Jan 2022, 17:51
by Artbug
Thank you!

I tried 2 different keyboards and result stays the same. "Alt" seems to get randomly stuck.
I will check the diagnostic tool just in case and will contact support team.

I'll update this thread afterwards.

Re: Windows 11 - Modifier Key stuck

Posted: Tue 25. Jan 2022, 13:06
by wacom5
Hello Artbug,
Spoke with one of our testers about this. Can you check if this happens often after using Zoom (In or Out) and changing the software, and changing back (using Alt +Tab for example)?

Re: Windows 11 - Modifier Key stuck

Posted: Mon 31. Jan 2022, 18:27
by Artbug
It seems the "alt" bug got scared, didn't manifest for a week. It did pop-up again today but it seems less frequent now (at least i hope it will be).
Only thing i did is that i stopped using different profiles for different applications in wacom desktop center. Maybe it will give your team some hint.

As for your question. I didn't notice it more often in one circumstance or another. It might even happen after i didn't do anything, for example - go away for a few minutes and then try to draw again.

And when i encountered it again i checked diagnostic tool too, according to it - no keys were pressed. I'll check again next time it will manifest itself.