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Wacom Bamboo One Dual Monitor Problem

Posted: Fri 28. Jan 2022, 22:22
by dudek0807
Hello, I'm using Wacom Bamboo One with dual monitor setup. I use the tablet and pen to mostly play osu.
I have custom border set up on tablet and I'm using it only on second screan. The problem I am struggling with is cursor is rapidly changing positions between two points on screen (I believe its about 45 degree diagonal short distance but noticable). It happens in game and on desktop aswell. Wen In mapping setiing I turn on Windows Ink, position changing is slower and in game not noticable, but when I click on a tablet with pen it changes. If necessary I can provide video and screen of its behaviour

Re: Wacom Bamboo One Dual Monitor Problem

Posted: Mon 31. Jan 2022, 09:01
by wacom5
From your description it sounds like a hardware issue but please contact our support and send them a video of the issue.

Re: Wacom Bamboo One Dual Monitor Problem

Posted: Mon 7. Feb 2022, 09:48
by Johnmo89
I had a similar problem (with a dancing cursor). It turned out that the power supply of the diode tape, which was about a meter from the tablet, was to blame. I turn on the tape - and the cursor starts to dance, turn it off - and the problem immediately disappears. I'm not an expert in electronics, but, apparently, the transformer emits some kind of electromagnetic wave distortion that separates the tablet pen from the design. I moved the power supply outside the premises, and the problem disappeared. So, a few years later, I put a second xp-pen next to my ctl 671 and I got the same problem with the y cursor. Apparently, the transformer built into the xp-pen affects the pen in the same way as the diode strip power supply. But now I already knew where to look for the problem, so I saved myself a lot of nerves.
So if you have a similar problem with this or another graphics tablet, check the environment for devices with powerful power supplies or transformers, and, if possible, test the tablet with these devices turned off. Probably, the problem may lie precisely in their close location. I really hope this comment helps you.