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Image size matching

Posted: Thu 17. Feb 2022, 15:49
by BritishBloke
I'm using a Wacom Intuos Pro M and Affinity Photo.

When I draw a line or shape of a particular size on the tablet (say I use a 5cm circle template with the stylus) then the size on the screen/in the document is not the same size as that drawn on the tablet. Depending on the zoom factor the circle or line is either smaller or larger than that drawn on the tablet -- the less zoom the larger the shape or line, whilst more zoom creates a smaller shape or line. So, a 5cm circle drawn on the tablet does not translate into a 5cm circle on screen.

Is there a way around this?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Image size matching

Posted: Thu 17. Feb 2022, 16:08
by wacom5
Not sure I understand correctly but I think you are talking about scaling and you are trying to get a 1:1 from your input in the tablet into your drawing software right? This is not how the tablet is intended to work. Have a look at this video for a better idea how mapping works for your Intuos Pro -
If you're worried about about scaling and dimensions I would recommend you use vector based software instead of raster.

Re: Image size matching

Posted: Thu 17. Feb 2022, 16:26
by BritishBloke
Yes, I'm interested in a 1:1 scale. If I draw a circle using a 5cm template, and the line width is 5px, then I do not get a 1:1 scale result. Depending on the zoom I use I get a circle that is not 5cm on screen. This leads me to reducing or increasing the size of the circle in the image editing software. However, this also increases or decreases the line width. So the image is different to that which is inputted on the tablet.

As you have stated,1:1 scale is not how the tablet works and the only alternative is to use vector imaging.

I'll take a look at the video link you have provided.

Thanks for the response.