cursor jumps when preforming fast small movements

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cursor jumps when preforming fast small movements

Postby JacobEichbaum » Sun 27. Mar 2022, 07:42


I have been trying to solve this for years now, reading forums and youtubes with no luck, so made the big step, registered and posting this:
When I am trying to handwrite on my intous pro medium PTH-450, wired-USB, the cursor jumps from one stroke to the other making it impossible to handwrite or even draw on it. If I am writing very slowly, or sketching a shadow by crowded lines very slowly, it won't jump. big strokes are accurate. But I am used to write and draw on a small scale and fast, and the Intous pro is doesn't deliver as an art tablet - I only use it as a mouse and want to get more out of it.

I thought it's my laptop or old pen problem, bought new ones, problem stays.
thought it's grounding problem, tried with no charger connected. tried various USB ports, including USB-C connector. my driver is the latest, also new computer so the install was fresh. tried to play with sensitivity, mouse\pen mapping, various software, keeps the same.

anyone has any more ideas?


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Re: cursor jumps when preforming fast small movements

Postby wacom5 » Mon 28. Mar 2022, 06:58

Can you be a bit more clear with the description. When you say it jumps, do you mean that from one stroke to the next, the pen behaves as it was still being pressed down, or, do you mean the strokes are somewhat interrupted and lose continuity?
Users can use the term "jump" for both situations so I need to be sure.
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