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Intuos Pro Battery care

Posted: Thu 31. Mar 2022, 10:24
by SamxFisher
Hi, I have an Intuos Pro S and Intuos Pro M, both have a battery inside, not removable, and in some cases I need to have the tablet always connected via usb, so battery is always at 100%.

Isn't that bad for the battery? could be dangerous after years having it always connected and charging? As far as I know, batteries need to be used and never be always connected and charging. I know when it reaches 100% it stops charging but even that sometimes can cause a battery malfunction and battery inflate or expand.

Isn't there a way to deactivate battery via software?

Re: Intuos Pro Battery care

Posted: Fri 1. Apr 2022, 14:33
by wacom5
The charging is disabled by default when the battery is full. You don't need to worry about disabling it.
PS: I have used a PTH-460 for over 3 years always connected and recently used it wirelessly and the battery is fine.

Re: Intuos Pro Battery care

Posted: Fri 1. Apr 2022, 21:00
by SamxFisher
Ok thanks.

I thought the flashing orange led on the right side of the Intuos pro M when is at 100% Charged was telling me to unplug it.