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Bamboo ink 2019 association problem

Bamboo Stylus (all flavors), Fineline, Intuos Creative Stylus,
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Bamboo ink 2019 association problem

Postby xantis85 » Wed 25. Sep 2019, 18:57

I bought a bamboo ink stylus for my hp spectre x360 (the version is hp spectre x360 G2). The stylus was tested for hp spectre, but not specifically for my device. However, I also tested the stylus on a Lenovo Thinkpad x1, that is in the list of compatible devices, and I had the same problem. The pen leds activate when I press both of the button for 2 seconds, so it seems working. However, the pen is not in the list of devices in my bluetooth device list. As I told, I tested also adopting a Lenovo Thinkpad x1, and had the same problem. I also tried to install the drivers from wacom page, but the installation terminates after that no wacom devices are found to be connected to my device. Has anyone idea of why it is going wrong? Maybe the is a bluetooth problem due to the stylus? Thanks

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Re: Bamboo ink 2019 association problem

Postby wacom6 » Thu 26. Sep 2019, 07:38


The Bamboo Ink works on Windows devices with Wacom Active Electrostatic technology (AES) and/or Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP). In general, the integration of the Bamboo Ink will vary slightly depending on your hardware configuration and system software installed.

Bamboo Ink works with all compatible pen-enabled devices that feature Wacom AES technology or Microsoft Pen Protocol. However, for devices using Wacom AES technology to use some of the unique features like pressure sensitivity in some programs or if there is cursor offset, you can calibrate by installing Wacom’s Tablet PC driver. Note that this driver is not compatible with Microsoft Pen Protocol devices.

Press and hold both side buttons at same time for 2 seconds to change the setting. LED underneath blinks once means Wacom AES and twice means Microsoft Pen Protocol, Initial setting is Wacom AES. Please try to pair via bluetooth with both protocols one of these should work.

If not please contact Wacom Support in you region http://support.wacom.com/


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Re: Bamboo ink 2019 association problem

Postby xantis85 » Sat 28. Sep 2019, 21:25

Thank you for your reply.
I've already tested the two protocols, as indicated in the guide. However, I'm unable to obtain assistance because the stylus has not a serial number (thus is not possible to register the producta on the wacom page) and it has been 4 days that whan I call the number for the assistance all operators results to be unable to respond (and they did not call me back as requested).

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