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Help! Need LP-180E/LP-180E-0S scheme/datasheet/structure FOR repair.

Posted: Fri 25. Sep 2020, 17:41
by ZoDX32
Help! I need a pen's scheme/datasheet in pdf or images, etc.
Model: "LP-180E" or "LP-180E-0S".
Tablet: CTH-480S-N.
Need it for repair! And is "LP-180E" compatible for "CTH-480S-N"? And what's the difference between "LP-180E" and "LP-180E-0S"?
Just need a structure of pen (board, connections, part structures), don't need it to be very complicated, just to know what is what..

P.S.: I broke sensitivity part with some spiral metal wire connected to some sort of graphite stick, and the metal wire is got disconnected/detached from pen's plate/board. And i think i don't have one part it's very hard structured metal sort of, doesn't have anything but metal or copper.
And i think this model is a bit outdated and mostly everywhere on shops are "out of stock"...
So i decided to try repair "what i have", but i DON'T KNOW what is where must be, how it exactly looks inside (structure, scheme).