Replacement Buttons for KP501E Grip Pen

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Replacement Buttons for KP501E Grip Pen

Postby OrganicBeej » Fri 5. Mar 2021, 10:30

Replacement Buttons for KP501E Grip Pen & Ergonomic Grip?


Been trying to get thru to Wacom support via on-line chat but doesn't seem to be working this morning? Neither is the form..

My pen has lost its buttons for switching commands. Could you please tell me where (and if its possible?) to purchase a new double button? Is there a product name - code? Or do I have to purchase a new pen?

Also, is there an ergonomic grip you can purchase for this pen? My old Wacom Tablet was an Intuos over-sized A4, had it for 19 years! Still works and the pen (in my humble opinion) is a better fit in the hand. I really can't get used to the way the newer pen kicks out in its design and after many hrs of use, I am having to wear a bandaid on my middle finger! Any assistance very much appreciated

Thank you for your help

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Re: Replacement Buttons for KP501E Grip Pen

Postby wacom5 » Mon 8. Mar 2021, 15:29

I'm not sure if we still have it separately but you have a spare Side Switch on the accessory kit with product code: ACK40001
This is an old kit so stock might not be available in your area.
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