Art Pen question

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Art Pen question

Postby MartyJ » Thu 25. Mar 2021, 05:46

Hey two questions here about my recently aquired Art Pen. I was using Clip Studio and noticed while shading (scribbling back and forth) the lines became smaller than my actual pen strokes. I tride the the normal grip pen and this didn't have this issue at all. As you can see in this example to get a better idea of what I mean. My pen strokes went to and from the horizontal lines.
Now this was far more apparent with the Oil Penicil, other brushes weren't as bad. I have played with the sensitivty and had no luck. Is this just what to expect with the Art Pen?
ALSO, this leads me to my next question... Why doesnt the Art Pen come with the amazing grey spring loaded nib? I'm thinking maybe this is why the pressure result isn't the same as I'm geting with the normal grip pen?


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