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Broken Pro Pen 2

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Broken Pro Pen 2

Postby KONGYO » Thu 9. Dec 2021, 11:55

I have been using the Pro Pen 2 that came with my Cintiq and recently noticed that it was having issues with registering pressure. I inspected the nib and noticed a crack at the tip where the nib fits into. After inspecting the crack a chunk of plastic subsequently cracked off and now the pen is unusable as the pressure can't be applied since the nib buckles in the direction at which the crack is. I contacted Wacom and they offered to replace the pen, which I was happy with but then a couple days later I received an email stating that this damage isn't covered by their warranty as it is my fault that the pen filed. I was told that I was using excessive force whilst using the pen or dropped the pen. I contested this since I do not use excessive force with the pen. The amount of force required to break the pen in this manner would damage my screen and my screen is in perfect condition and secondly I have carpet in the studio so dropping the pen is unlikely to damage it. Also, if the pen was to drop, the part which is broken would never make contact with the floor since the nib would be the first point of contact.

I'm very displeased with the reluctance to replace the pen as it isn't cheap and it's been less than a year of use with the pen. I have been back and forth with the customer service rep and she is adamant that it will not be replaced. I have been using Wacom products for over 20 years and never had a pen fail on me in this manner. Now I'm forced to spend another £80 £90 on another pen, which may result in the same situation.

I will continue to contest this as I honestly believe that this isn't my fault and that there must've been an issue with the pen to begin with. Has anybody else had this issue or offer any advice on this?

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Re: Broken Pro Pen 2

Postby wacom5 » Fri 10. Dec 2021, 13:54

The support team is correct, this is not a manufacture fault or failure so is not covered in warranty.
To clarify: the excessive pressure that causes this is applied over time, not in one single impact. By consistently applying pressure to the edge of the nib holder it will cause fatigue over time and the plastic might start to lose it's original properties and eventually crumble. Similar to bending a paper clip back and forth several times until it eventually breaks.
Bear in mind that this is very rare and it will take a long time before the plastic will start crumbling. We all use our Pen differently but to avoid this, use less pressure when angling a stroke and use the pen in a more vertical position when using stronger strokes. This will take pressure off the edge and make your pen last longer.
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Re: Broken Pro Pen 2

Postby KONGYO » Sat 11. Dec 2021, 10:28

Still don't agree with your presumptions. I have been using Wacom pens for 20 years and have never encountered this problem. Also, the pen has a tilt feature for shading so is encouraged to use in this manner, and for this to fail after 1 year just screams of subpar quality. I don't know how to reiterate that I do not use excessive force... far from it.

I'm a long time user of Wacom pens and have never experienced anything like this. I don't need someone telling me how to use a Wacom thank you very much. I'm a professional illustrator and have been using Wacom products most probably longer than you've been working at Wacom.

Please tell me how you can prove it's a user fault and similarly disprove a manufacturer's fault? I know I keep reiterating, but after using dozens of Wacom pens over the years this fault has never occurred... don't you think this is strange? My pen position and technique has not changed. I hold my pen in the same way I've been holding since forever.

If I have to swallow it and take the hit then there's nothing I can do, but this poor level of customer service will not be forgotten.

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