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Bamboo Paper

Posted: Tue 14. Nov 2017, 10:47
by DemonicPenguin

With a friend of mine we have been experimenting with this software as a creative art tool and it is pretty fun and nice to use as such. The only problem we have encounter is that we cannot select a "white" background there is all those different possibilities when It comes to the "paper" you want to use but nothing that is white.

So when we are downloading our works we have this colored background... Is there anyway to change that ?

Thanks you very much for all your answers

Mr DemonicPenguin

Re: Bamboo Paper

Posted: Mon 30. Jul 2018, 13:15
by JohnyWalter
I am personally acquainted with this bamboo paper.
Moreover, based on the bamboo you can meet many things.Like sheets,paper and other..
About color at background.No you cannot change it at all.I did write in the support,they told that there was no way to do this.
I hope this information will help in future request about this

Re: Bamboo Paper

Posted: Mon 28. Oct 2019, 10:38
by mashaprofy
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