wacom driver blocking other programs

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wacom driver blocking other programs

Postby Ciocsi » Sun 26. Nov 2017, 10:53

So im having this problem where when i start my pc with all my drivers some programs cant launch (telegram, battlenet, malwarebytes and others).
i thought it was something related to my pc haveing issues but after a while i discovered it was driver related, and after trying different things i discovered that when i shut down the wacom tablet drivers from the task manager it all started to work fine.
i was hoping that with the latest driver update this problem would have been solved but it was not.
now im asking whoever can help me what i can do since everytime i have to do this process to access some programs and then have to restart my pc if i want to use my cintiq pro 13 again.

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Re: wacom driver blocking other programs

Postby OCDnibwear » Tue 28. Nov 2017, 13:03

Your case is related to this one: Wacom drivers interfere with launching other programs. - Wacom Forum and there seems to be a fix (albeit a bit lengthy and technical) from the link provided in that thread: Battlenet Launcher(and Blizzard games) won't run possible solution? - Blizzard Forums.

I think it should also be possible to create scripts that would furthermore automate the process (and thus needing less clicking around), though this heavily depends on the version of your OS:
* Using the Stop-Service Cmdlet
* Using the Start-Service Cmdlet
* Three Cool PowerShell Service Tricks - Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog
* windows - Stop and Start a service via batch or cmd file? - Stack Overflow
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