Intuos pen&touch small

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Intuos pen&touch small

Postby Niomaite » Sun 17. May 2020, 08:04

I can't find my SBD key. I'm just terrified. Of course, my tablet has been over 5 years old, but I haven’t found any information about the fact that it cannot be registered. On the sticker on the front of the box there are 10 characters under the barcode, which, as if I had not entered the key slot, unfortunately they cannot be. I looked at the box, under the box, on the sides of the box, inside the box, on the package from the driver disk, finally I looked from the back of the graphics tablet. I didn’t find anything that even remotely resembled a SBD key. In any case, in the key input field, I entered absolutely all the numbers that I could find, nothing helped. In short, I ask the help of more knowledgeable people, please

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Re: Intuos pen&touch small

Postby wacom5 » Mon 18. May 2020, 08:47

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