Problem Programming EK Remote

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Problem Programming EK Remote

Postby jasonbarron » Wed 29. Dec 2021, 20:31

Hi everyone. New forum user here. I have a Cintiq 24 Pro with the latest driver installed. I'm running into issues programming the EK remote. It recognizes the application and intended target application (Photoshop cc) but it is being non-cooperative to program hotkey's aside from simple one letter presses.

The problem I'm having is when I go to set up "keystrokes" in the remote comman menu it won't let me input the modifiers in the order that I want. For instance, working with the latest version of Photoshop cc I want to add a command for a New Layer without the dialogue box popping up. The command is supposed to be Shift+CTRL+Alt+N but when I input that into the remote's keystroke field it automatically comes out "CTRL+ALT+Shift+N" and that doesn't work. Another example would be trying to create a command for New Layer WITH the dialogue box, which would be "Shift+CTRL+N" and if I try to input that it automatically assigns "CTRL" first in order so the command appears as "CTRL+Shift+N"

Is this something I'm doing wrong, or perhaps missing some crucial detail? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It must be noted that the remote is working flawlessly for things like swapping brushes or tools, changing brush tip size and panning etc. I don't run into problems until I start trying to mess with the more complex orders.


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Re: Problem Programming EK Remote

Postby wacom4 » Wed 5. Jan 2022, 08:36

Normally the order of keys pressed in a keyboard shortcut should not matter.

Can you please be more specific with what you do, and how you try to reach it?
We can only guess that you are on Windows. Are you using the latest Windows 10 and Photoshop CC versions? And the latest Wacom driver?

Is this a custom shortcut? ... tcuts.html and ... roups.html suggest this.

Can you assign the functionality to a simpler shortcut and test again?

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Re: Problem Programming EK Remote

Postby jasonbarron » Mon 10. Jan 2022, 18:11

More specific: In the Wacom tablet properties menu I select my EK Remote>select either Inner or Outer Keys>click on dropdown menu for that key and select "Keyboard" followed by "Keystroke">attempt to enter Shift+CTRL+Alt+N or alternatively Shift+CTRL+N

On my EK Remote keystroke dialogue box, it will not allow me to put "Shift" before "CTRL" in the input field. No matter how I try to input complex commands with CTRL/Shift/Alt as part of the chain it always puts CTRL first in the dialogue box. So, for instance, I can't enter a shortcut for Photoshop "New Layer without dialogue box" without it scrambling the order. The shortcut I'm trying to program, for instance, is "Shift+CTRL+Alt+N" and no matter how I try to enter that in the remote it always comes out as "CTRL+Alt+Shift+N" and obviously that doesn't work.

My operating system is Win 10. I'm on a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24, latest driver for it, latest version of Photoshop CC.

The remote works splendidly for all other uses, even commands with only one special key such as CTRL+N, or CTRL+0 for example. I'm only running into problems when I step up to more complex commands by adding CTRL plus Shift and/or Alt.

Thank you for your assistance

Edit: just noticed that you have my post in the wrong sub forum. I'm on a Wacom Cintiq PRO, not a tablet.

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Re: Problem Programming EK Remote

Postby wacom5 » Tue 11. Jan 2022, 08:18

I moved the topic to the Driver section since this is not hardware related.

The order in which the combination is pressed should not matter. In other words, it makes no difference if Ctrl or Shift are pressed first. The command will only trigger when all the keys are pressed down and the driver will also execute the command as if all the keys were pressed at the exactly same time.

The issue here is probably something else. CTRL+ALT+Shift+N is not a native shortcut as far as I can see default list below so I assume this is a custom command?
Can you assign a different key combination to this custom shortcut and test it as well. I would try something simpler with just 1 modifier if possible.
Do you by any chance use multiple keyboard language layouts in your system?
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