Pen doesn´t draw until I drag it.

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Re: Pen doesn´t draw until I drag it.

Postby coalbones » Wed 24. Nov 2021, 23:27

leejun1672 wrote:OMG!!!! I think I found the real solution for the problem!!!!
I know that this issue has been very long, but since I have not seen proper solution for this case, I leave my solution here.

I had the same problem that I could not make short drag in certain apps.
I felt that it may not be the problem of the tablet nor the driver installation issue.
So I thought that this may be related to certain helpful(?) function of Winows, and it was!

In my "wacom tablet properties", I could turn off (uncheck) the "Use Windows Ink" option, and that solved the issue.
Finally I can make short drag in my apps!
Hope this would help many people with the same issue.

this is it ^

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