Where to find an USB cable for INTUOS 4 PTK-840

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Where to find an USB cable for INTUOS 4 PTK-840

Postby Ericart » Wed 24. Nov 2021, 22:01


Last week, I bought a secondhand Wacom Intuos 4 PTK-840.
The seller told me that he sold this tablet without cable but all USB cables will do the job.

By the way, I tried to use another USB cable with the same connector (this cable ordered on Amazon. The seller informing that this cable was compatible). But no result!

The WACOM DESKTOP CENTER appli do not recognize any tablet.

WACOM support informed me today the cable for the Intuos 4 PTK 840 is a specific one they do not sell anymore (too "old" item).
A quick search on the web gives no result.

Is it a "no way" problem?

If you have an idea, I would appreciate to read you!

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Re: Where to find an USB cable for INTUOS 4 PTK-840

Postby wacom5 » Thu 25. Nov 2021, 07:56

Most USB cables will work so if you already tried a few, and the device is still not detected, it probably means there is a defect with the USB port.
To be honest, you should really look into the current generation of devices if you can. The Intuos 4 is no longer being supported (being nearly 10 years old) and the most recent driver won't be able to support it. Same for accessories.
Also, this device was never supported by the Wacom Desktop Center so you won't see it there. The driver will still detect if you install the right one. The Intuos 4 is not supported by the latest one. Make sure you select your device and download the correct driver if you haven't done this.
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